Hi Peter,

My name is Michael Fry from Raleigh, North Carolina in the US.

I found your website by chance, and thought you might like this story.

When my grandfather passed away in the early 80's, my grandmother gave me one of his prized possesions, a football signed by an entire team of players. I'm sure she told me which team it was, but 20-some years have faded my memory. I've had this ball on display wherever I've lived, but really haven't looked at it for a long time, until this evening.

My 4-year old, Madeline, asked me about it, so I got it down and we started looking at all of the signatures. The only one I could clearly make out was one that said " Terry Cooper". Just for fun, we started trying to find out who he is on-line, and found your website. You seem to be a fan who would know.

I'm assuming he was on the Leeds team, but I wonder what year? The ball is a Mitre Permawhite Tom Finney Autograph, and it actually has 46 signatures on it.

If you would be interested in helping me research this, I could send you digital photos of each panel on the ball.

Hope to hear from you,


And true to his word, Mike sent me these pictures which autographs can you make out? Let me know peter@guiseley.co.uk

Click on football for larger image......


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