Oy!!!  Terry Cooper...yes you second from the left...never mind waving at the crowd...Pete has lost yer stocking tag that you signed for him.....

There's only one Terry Cooper
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Just a little aside...this is one of those sites that will takes ages to fully develop. Every time I visit the loft, I bring down a handful more programs. As you can see I am up to the Iís at the moment....but keep popping back to follow progress. I would love to hear your comments peter@guiseley.co.uk

So here is a brief site diary so you can see if / when it has been updated:

June 2005 - Q. Did Terry wear his white boots and stockings tags at the same time?
who wants to know? 4-4-2 Magazine thatís who. The answer [

11/05/2005 - A couple more tags - Billy and Allan. thanks to Neil Perkins [

2/2/2004 - A lovely story from America - and another TC autograph [

9/10/2003 - And the quest gets ever nearer - Iíve found some TCís tags - but are they the real thing? [

10/9/2003 - Even made it on the BBC 606 discussion board.... [

1/8/03 - Iím nearly famous - this web site is featured in
Leeds, Leeds, Leeds magazine click [here]

July 2003 - Big thankx to daughter Jemma for patiently scanning in the following:
badges ,Also: Cardiff City, Carlisle, Carl Zeiss Jena, Chartlon, Coventry, Crystal Palace, Crewe
And, she has been busy with
Derby, Dundee, Everton, Glasgow Celtic, Gothenburg, Grimsby, Hajduk Split, Hibernian, Huddersfield, Ipswich

22/5/03 - A lovely
memory and some pics of Norman and Allan.

24/3/02 - Found my
autograph book!

23/3/02 -
Bayern, Barcelona, Blackburn, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bolton, Bristol City, Burnley, Bury and pictures of Terry added to the gallery - thanks to Nigel Tolley

28/3/02 - My ď
Dream TeamĒ in autographs3/7/02 - Added Burnley & Bury Programmes

16/03/03 - Added
Mick Jones stocking tag - thanks to Jason Beilby
and identified a couple more
autographs thanks to Tony Baird

Early 2002 -
Anderlecht, Arsenal, Aston Villa

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