Following the article in Leeds, Leeds, Leeds magazine, I received an e-mail from Darren Boston who works for The Events Office.(

Hi Peter

I read your story in LLL and thought I might be able to help bridge the gap for your loss of TC's famous ST!

Two years ago we started a company called Footie Events and as a lifelong Leeds fan wanted to introduce some unique products and services. So after several months we re-designed the infamous Sock Tags and manufactured them locally in West Yorkshire.

We did have a couple of features in LLL last summer and ran a competition for a local football team to win them - did you see that? Unfortunately, Nike turned us down because they were bringing out the new look Leeds home kit with the sock design on the side which they thought would clash with the tags.

Anyway, if you'd like the NEW 21st century Sock Tags with the number 3 then I'd be happy to send you a pair (FREE of charge). Then it's up to you to track TC down and get him to sign your new ones...!

And true to Darrenís word, he sent me a pair - here they are......

So, all I have got to do now, is find Terry and get him to sign them. Terry, if you read this, send me an e-mail and Iíll come and see you.


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